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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  October 4, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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one. that's good. all right. thanks so much for watching us on "new day." we'll see you tomorrow. time now for "newsroom" with carol costello. good morning, carol. >> you're a funny lady, alisyn. >> thanks, carol. >> have a great day. "newsroom" starts now. and good morning. i'm carol costello live from farmville, virginia, where in a matter of hour tim kaine and mike pence square off fighting not just for themselves but their ticket. thank you so much for joining us this morning. the cruel reality of vice presidential politics, kaine and pence can't win many votes tonight but they can certainly lose them. neither ticket can afford that in a race this close. new cnn/orc poll shows hillary clinton has seized the lead by 5 points. she has gained ground and he has lost ground.
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any signs of momentum loom large with the election just 35 days away. both presidential candidates seizing on the bombshell report that trump may have legally avoided paying federal income taxes for nearly two decades. >> i have legally used the tax laws to my benefit. i have brilliantly used those laws. >> while millions of american families, including mine and yours, were working hard, paying our fair share, it seems he was contributing nothing to our nation. >> there is a lot to cover this morning, and we're following every angle for you of course. cnn's sunlen serfaty and phil mattingly are in farmville here at longwood university. phil, we want to start with you. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. for weeks, maybe months hillary clinton's campaign advisors have been pining, begging, pleading for donald trump's taxes to become center stage in this presidential race. trump has assiduously avoided doing that. no longer because of the
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revelations from that weekend "new york times" story, this is all anybody is talking about on the campaign trail, including donald trump. >> i understand the tax laws better than almost anyone, which is why i am the one who can fix them. >> reporter: dangerous campaign liability or political opportunity? >> i have brilliantly used those laws. >> reporter: donald trump hoping for the latter after the leak of a few pages of his 1995 tax returns. attempting to turn the fact that he may not have paid federal income tax for years into a testament of his business expertise. >> as a business person i've legally used the tax laws to benefit, really i mean it's to my benefit, and to benefit of my company, my investors, my employees, my family. >> reporter: the clinton campaign attempting to undermine trump's spin. >> some of his supporters said, well, it just shows he's a genius that he didn't pay any
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taxes. well, what kind of genius loses a billion dollars in the first place? >> reporter: painting the republican nominee as representing the same system he claims he's going to change. >> trump was taking from america with both hands and leaving the rest of us with the bill. >> reporter: trump trying to downplay the near billion dollar loss "the new york times" reported he had leading up to 1995. >> the conditions facing real estate developers in the early '90s were almost as bad as the great depression in 1929 and far worse than the great recession in 2008. >> reporter: while casting himself as the comeback kid. >> used the tax laws of our country and my skills as a business person to dig out of this real estate depression when few others were able to do that. i did a great job. >> reporter: this as trump sparks new criticism after suggesting that veterans suffering from ptsd lacked strength. >> when people come back from
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war and combat and they see things that a lot of people in this room have seen, a lot of people can handle it but a lot of people can't handle it. >> reporter: and, carol, the trump campaign is pushing back hard on any criticism about that statement saying it was taken out of context. that's not what he meant. the marine staff sargeant who actually asked trump that question at that town hall also siding with trump saying he was sickened that trump's words were being twisted out of context. it's important to note that what trump said undercut a key tenant of the treatment process for post traumatic stress over what doctors found. it gave an attack line for democrats. joe biden highlighted that in an interview with cnn. take a listen. >> the vast majority of billionaires and multi-millionaires, they pay their taxes. i mean, can you imagine warren buffet saying this? can you imagine steve case saying this? can you imagine any of these guys saying this? it's just offensive.
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what's it say about all the people here, are they all suckers for paying their taxes because they can't hire a tax lawyer, because they couldn't mag significant contributions to try to change the law to benefit themselves? come on, man. that's just not right. >> reporter: carol, obviously joe biden talking about taxes there. i think this is going to be the key issue going forward, whether it's the debate now, the debate five days from now when hillary clinton or donald trump square off or over the next couple of weeks and months. donald trump has to find a way to defend this issue and going on offense. we're seeing him try it. he went on offense. when you talk to clinton advisors they make very clear, she's not backing off this issue any time soon. carol? >> phil mattingly reporting live for us this morning. thank you. so now back to the matter at hand. we are less than 12 hours at hand. we are hours away from the first and only debate with the vice presidential debate. cnn's sunlen serfaty joins us with a preview. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. as you noted, a lot is at stake
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because this is the first and only debate between the two vice presidential contenders. that is reflected in their level of preparation. each candidate seems to be taking a very disciplined, very consistent and serious approach as they've been preparing for the debate over the last weeks and months. we know both of them have been huddling with their aides for a few weeks. they've both been running through these full-fledged mock debates. certainly mike pence as he goes into tonight, he has to know that he is going to be put on the spot about his running mate donald trump's tax returns so potentially having to play some cleanup there. we did hear from mike pence at a rally last night where he previewed where he would like the debate to go and hinted that he is ready to attack on senator tim kaine's record as governor in virginia. here's what mike pence said last night. >> little bit of a debate with your governor, your former governor and your senator, tim
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kaine. and i'll tell you, while i expect we're going to be talking about the visions and the choice the american people face at the top of the ticket, i kind of hope we get to talk about our records as well. because they're just a little bit different. i mean, when tim kaine was governor he actually tried to raise taxes by $4 billion in four years. state of indiana, i've signed more than $3.5 billion in tax relief for working families, small businesses and family farms. >> reporter: and going into tonight senator tim kaine potentially has some home field advantage, this being his home state, but if you look at the latest cnn/orc poll you see that voters in terms of the expectations game, it's a dead heat between the two of them. interesting, 24%, nearly 1/4 of all voters say they are unsure about either candidate, either tim kaine or mike pence. so that is a big question mark left on the debate stage.
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both candidates, carol, have a huge opportunity to change minds and to reintroduce themselves to the american voters. carol? >> sunlen serfaty reporting live for us this morning. thank you. perhaps the biggest challenge for mike pence and tim kaine making sure voters know who they are as cnn's randi kaye hill, both candidates have a long way to go. >> reporter: who's this? long pause. >> i have no idea. >>. >> reporter: who's that? >> i have no idea. >> reporter: you're not starting out well. >> i know. i have no idea who that is. >> reporter: who's that guy. that's tim pence or john pence. >> reporter: pence, does that sound familiar, mike pence? >> that's a big ouch, right? so let's talk about that and more. errol lewis is here and cnn contributor. susan paige is with me, the
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washington bureau chief for "usa today" and mark preston is the executive director for cnn politics. welcome to all of you. so, mark, you saw randi kaye showing pictures of tim kaine and mike pence around and most people don't know who they are. >> no, they don't. according to our cnn/orc poll, 1/3 of american voters don't know who either of them are. think about where we are in this campaign. you have two larger than life personalities, hillary clinton, donald trump who are sucking up all the oxygen. this isn't back in 2008 when sarah palin came onto the stage and everybody knew who she was. look, the focus has been on those two candidates. as you said tonight, their big job is not to make any mistakes and really try to do their best to promote their running mates. it's going to be a difficult task. it will be interesting to see how they handle it. >> errol, i wanted to ask you. what is the purpose of this particular vice presidential debate as it applies to this year's election?
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>> the way i think of it, carol, you have candidates who are trying to, of course, help their ticket and especially in the case of mike pence, really help the republican base that is supporting donald trump to feel more comfortable with him. in other words, it sort of rounds out the ticket to have a social conservative alongside donald trump who on many issues is not socially conservative. likewise, on the democratic side it helps when you have somebody like hillary clinton who is seen as in some cases moderate to conservative democrat to have a tim kaine next to her who's a former civil rights attorney who's taken some liberal stances and has done quite a lot of work on his own. these are both also, we should keep in mind, very ambitious governors, former governor in the case of kaine, who would like to see themselves on a national ticket in the top position in the future. there's a lot here in the future for both parties. that's what i'm going to be listening for. >> okay.
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i'm going to grab on to that. susan, this is a question for you. mike pence said things that sometimes differ greatly than donald trump, and he's trying to walk this line. i'll give you just one example. here are how the running mates feel about the issue of abortion. >> i'm pro life and i don't apologize for it. >> thank you. >> we appoint strict constructionists to the supreme court of the united states as donald trump intends to do. i believe you will see roe versus wade consigned to the ash heap of history where it belongs. >> i think it would have been better if it were up to the states, but right now the laws are set and that's the way the laws are. >> do you have a feeling how they should change? there are a lot of laws you want to change, on everybody from liable to torture. anything you want to change on abortion? >> at this moment the laws are set and i think we have to leave it that way. >> so, see, susan, mike pence makes no bones about it. it's wrong and he's going to work to change the law. donald trump is kind of all over the place, right?
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we don't really know what he'll do about the issue of abortion if he becomes president of the united states. how will mike pence tow the line tonight, do you think? >> reporter: this is not the only issue on releasing their taxes, mike pence did. on the trans-pacific partnership, mike pence supported it. it's one of the hallmarks of trump's campaign to oppose it. so there are a series of issues on which these two men have differed. mike pence, with all due respect, two highly respected officials debating tonight. this debate is not about them. this debate is about donald trump. this debate is going to be about tim kaine attacking donald trump at a point he's had a rough week and mike pence trying to defend him and get this campaign back on track. that's what he could hope to do. we've gotten donald trump on the run on a series of issues, including his taxes. can pence kind of right the ship as we head into that second presidential debate? >> so once these candidates get past all the niceties and maybe
6:13 am
talk about some of their like, you know, pet issues, do you think that it will devolve into nastiness, mark? >> you know, interesting, mike pence is -- had a treaty where he decried negative campaigns. errol said they have a political life in front of them. mike pence maybe more so tonight has a lot on the line because often times he has to go out there and defend donald trump over and over and over again on issues that he doesn't necessarily agree with. i don't think things will get nasty tonight. i think what we'll see is mike pence try to turn it back to tim kaine tonight. by doing so and deflecting will allow him to get it away from donald trump. we know what tim kaine is going to do. >> but, errol, donald trump has had this terrible week, right, with the alesha machado thing, with being accused of being a misogynist and racist. you would think tim kaine would
6:14 am
bring that up and mike pence would spend the night on the defensive? >> i'm not sure tim kaine is going to bring those things up. i don't know that it helps the democratic ticket to get too nasty. there's a sunny optimism that the ticket has claimed it was going to pivot to and that is very much tim kaine's style. it has been throughout his career. i don't know that he's going to be looking to go overboard with a lot of that stuff although i think you'll see some very targeted remarks that are intended to get specific groups of voters in specific battleground states. so you'll hear, i think, some things about sexism because they're looking to get more educated women voters on their side. i think you'll hear some things where just to make sure the millennials know that there's a difference between the candidates and parties when it comes to, say, global warming, but other than that, i don't think it's going to be anywhere near as in your face nasty as we saw between the two main candidates just a week ago. >> susan, what do you think? >> i think sunny optimism would
6:15 am
be a nice change of pace this year. i don't think we've seen much sunny optimism. i guess i don't have really high hopes that this is going to be a night of sunny optimism or a night where we suddenly talk about the big issues facing the country. i do think this debate is important. one of these men could end up being president of the united states, certainly in a position to be one step away from the president of the united states. it's important that americans have a little bit more of a sense about them than they do at the moment. >> all right. i have to leave it there. errol lewis, susan paige, mark preston, thanks for being with me. pence and kaine meet face to face. who will win the night? our coverage starts today at 4:00 p.m. eastern. still to come in the "newsroom," brilliance in the eye of the beholder? trump says he's smart for avoiding taxes, clinton begs to differ but what do voters think? an opening night on broadway is kind of magic.
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an enthusiastic crowd on the lawn. welcome back. we're live from longwood university where tonight tim kaine and mike pence will face off in the very first and only vice presidential debate. we will be watching what they have to say about "the new york times" report, that donald trump may have avoided paying federal income taxes for nearly two decades, but the man the candidates are trying to replace, vice president joe biden is already weighing in saying trump is all about trump. here's what he told cnn's chris cuomo in an exclusive interview. >> i thought it was about making sure you did your part for your country. i grew up in a house where my father used to say -- and never made any real money. they'd say, i'm paying this or that in tax money.
6:21 am
dad would say, it's a small price to pay. since when does somebody living in a pept house overlooking the world be in a position to not feel any obligation at all to pay any federal income tax to support the military, to support education, to support our foreign policy? since when is that a patriotic thing to do? can you imagine any other president, any other president to ever say that and be proud of that? i can't fathom it. >> he says the law is what it is and you guys made the law the way it is, he just knows how to work the system and that's why he's the right change agent. >> if you notice the change he's proposed, the change agent is what he's proposing in the tax cut would lock in all of those special interests for real estate folks and cut their taxs even more. this is all about trump. >> but trump insists it is not all about trump. >> the unfairness of the tax
6:22 am
laws is unbelievable. it's something i've been talking about for a long time despite, frankly, being a big beneficiary of the laws, but i'm working for you now, i'm not working for trump. believe me. >> all right. so let's talk about all of this with kristina shockey. she's the deputy communications director with hillary for america. welcome. >> thank you. great to be here. >> so it's been a pretty good week for hillary clinton and a really bad week for donald trump. so going into this vice presidential debate you must be feeling pretty good. >> well, you know, hillary is really excited for tonight, for people to get to know tim kaine. she chose him because he's a person who has always delivered for the people he's represented. he has a history of bringing people together and really delivering results. she is looking forward for american voters to get to hear from him directly tonight and for him to talk about the plans of what their administration would really deliver for the american people.
6:23 am
>> surely tim kaine is also going to strike back at the notion that donald trump may not have paid federal income taxes for 18 years. >> i think this was an astounding report that we learned this week. we didn't learn it because he was transparent and showed the american people his tax forms. we didn't learn it from that way at all, but we got three pages, three pages only, and we learned that he is a colossally bad businessman. in one year he lost almost a billion dollars. >> he's also sort of portraying himself as this comeback kid, right? he lost a billion dollars, he bounced back. he still has a viable business. and guess what, he's a businessman and business men use the tax code to benefit -- that's capitalism. what's wrong with that? >> carol, we don't know if he's a viable businessman. we haven't seen any of his other taxes. we've seen one year and we saw that he lost almost a billion dollars. he ran three casinos into the ground and failed at an airline industry so, you know, he has said he's going to do for the country what he did for his companies. i think we all see his taxes, don't want that to happen.
6:24 am
but as a result what we also learned -- >> again, you heard what chris cuomo asked joe biden, right? he said, you know what, these laws have been in place forever and democrats were just as much a part of them as republicans were. >> but, you know, he used -- he had a colossal business failure and he used a -- he rigged the system. he used it. we're not saying he broke the law, but he didn't contribute to the united states. i mean, in 18 years he wasn't supporting the american military, our first responders, paying anything for schools, but millions of hard working -- >> he would say i still paid real estate taxes, i still paid property taxes. >> he's not paying federal taxes. he's not supporting our military. let's keep in mind donald trump is always out for donald trump. we saw that again. he used the tax system to not contribute to the united states and now he wants to be our president? it's really astounding. >> well, i want to point out a new cnn/orc poll because it shows despite the controversy, registered voters favor him over
6:25 am
secretary clinton with the handling of the economy. what's more, trump supporters say they don't really care about the tax issue. let's listen. >> i don't know anybody who checks the box on their tax returns and says i want to pay twice as much as i have to. so i don't have a problem with it. if it was done legal. he's been audited every year apparently forever. i don't have a problem with it. >> for me it doesn't matter what his tax returns show, it's more about what kind of person he is. politicians are more crooked than business men to me. >> all right. so you heard what those voters say. i think they have the notion that, you know, donald trump knows how to beat the system. if anyone knows how to fix the tax code, it's donald trump. >> but what is he going to fix it to do? all of his plans are actually to benefit the wealthy. he's not -- he hasn't put forward any plans that would help working class americans. his tax plans that he put forth actually overwhelmingly benefit the wealthy and wealthy corporations. so i don't understand why this
6:26 am
is a person who has never stood up for working people. you know, in his business failures when he lost $1 billion he left hundreds of small businesses unpaid for the work that they did. hundreds of people lost their jobs. he has never stood up for working people so i don't understand why people would think he would do that as president when he's always used a rigged system to his benefit. >> well, again, he would say that he actually hires a bunch of people, too, and maybe he had that business loss in atlantic city but in other places he has been successful. >> let's look at his full record. hundreds of small businesses not paid. students trying to get an education went to his bogus university and are now suing him for fraud. he has just left a trail of bankruptcies and unpaid bills and people really hurt by his financial practices that at the end of the day only benefitted himself. >> kristina shockey, thanks so much for stopping by. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. still to come on the "newsroom," wants to see trump's taxes? hillary clinton said it should
6:27 am
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and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. i'm live in farmville, virginia, the site of tonight's big vice presidential debate. you can feel the excitement in air at longwood. the vp debate top of mind here, but there is also talk of taxes and whether donald trump can weather a very bad week. trump insists all the trash talk about him though is just a distraction. >> well, my opponent focuses on small, petty things, we are discussing the vital issues facing our country and our people. she'll do everything she can to
6:32 am
distract from the issues and her enormous criminal conduct, campaign of distraction funded by wall street investors. >> for her part, clinton is keeping up the pressure on trump's taxes even saying legislation might be needed for future candidates. >> and then in a category by himself there's donald trump. well, you may have heard that he has long refused to relis tax returns the way every other nominee for president has done for decades. you can look at 40 years of my tax returns. i think we need a law that says if you become the nominee of the major party, you have to release your tax returns. >> with me now, trump senior advisor sarah huckabee and sally cohn, cnn political commentator and a clinton supporter.
6:33 am
we welcome to both of you. >> hello. >> sarah, do we need a law? >> if that's what the people are demanding then they can certainly pass a law, but if anybody's responsible for there not being one, it would be hillary clinton. somebody who's been in government, who's had the opportunity to create and pass laws. donald trump has never been a politician. he's a businessman. he's been creating jobs while hillary clinton's been creating laws. if she doesn't like the ones on the books, she should be looking in the mirror and pointing at herself as the only person in this race to blame. >> she has a point, sally. >> sarah, no, first of all, she hasn't been president. second of all, hillary clinton, along with other democrats, have supported tax reform that make the very, very wealthy pay their fair share, like all hard working americans, and the party that has opposed those reforms is the republican party. the larger issue here is that donald trump seems to have a pathological ability to try and attribute to others that which he himself is responsible for so
6:34 am
he accuses the mexican judge of racism or hillary clinton of race baiting. he accuses her of being a distraction or her not having any focus on policy. i mean, at a certain point the american people have to be just laughing and going, but wait a second, you're the guy who keeps dividing us, launching these race-based attacks. >> is there a good argument, that donald trump is a businessman. he's acting as a businessman, right? and business men use these -- the taxes to their advantage to make money and that's just the american way, isn't it? >> here's the real point. donald trump has followed the law. i mean, i guess i don't understand why sally, my question is, have you volunteered to pay more taxes when your accountant comes back and says, here's what you owe? i certainly didn't. i don't know anybody in america who says, you know what, i just don't think that was quite enough. here's another extra 10% just because. that's not how america works. they follow the law.
6:35 am
donald trump has followed the law and, again, the only person in this race that's had any hand in creating or passing any legislation is hillary clinton. if there's any person that we could blame in this process, she's the only one. it certainly isn't donald trump. he's followed laws that hillary clinton frankly has helped create and pass. >> first of all, you do sound like mr. trump when he sort of -- when hillary said in the debate, let's just blame me for everything. he said, okay. i mean, come on. let's be reasonable. >> she's been in government for 30 years and has nothing to show for it. >> she was secretary of state. i mean, she wasn't passing laws for the last -- but separate point from that. let's go back. first of all, there are questions as to the legality of what donald trump has done. his private foundation, which you start a private foundation in order to make charitable donations with your own money and, therefore, get a tax donation. well, he was raising money, according to the attorney general of new york, looks like illegally, getting money from others. he hadn't contributed to his own
6:36 am
private foundation since 2008. he was having people who owed him money and his business give money as a tax donation to the -- to the foundation that he could then write off even though he wasn't actually contributing to his own foundation. so i've got to be honest, you know, first of all, whether he was within the law is at this point highly questionable and, second, i think hard working people can look at the way donald trump has behaved in his business, in his tax dealings, in his charitable dealings -- >> i will only add to that, sarah, before you answer that we have this new cnn/orc poll out saying 80% of republicans say it is a civic duty to pay income taxes and most people do want donald trump to release his taxes because they now wonder, right? what else is in there? is he hiding anything? >> look, again, donald trump has followed the letter of the law. if people want him to do something differently, then we should reform the system which he wants to do and somebody who understands the system far better than anyone else because
6:37 am
he's been operating under it for so long as a businessman, as a very successful businessman. again, hillary clinton has created these -- helped create laws, not fix the system. she's had a chance. she's done a horrible job. >> unbelievable. >> you mentioned that she was secretary of state. if you don't want to talk about her time as a senator, let's talk about her time as secretary of state. every relationship we have at this point, our allies don't trust us, our enemies don't fear us. she's been a failure there. she's been a failure as a senator. we have to move in a different direction. we've ignored 70% of americans want change. the only person in this race that brings change is donald trump and nobody can deny that. >> last word, then i have to go. >> you want to blame her for everything she hasn't done and everything she has done and everything she's been alive during. listen, this is very simple. i think hillary's record of, you know, 20 plus years working on behalf of children and families stands for itself unlike donald trump's record of very clearly only working for himself even
6:38 am
still in this campaign. but, look, if you think there's nothing for him to hide, if he thinks there's nothing for him to hide in those tax records, why not release them? every other presidential candidate ever has. if he's proud to have not paid any taxes, if he's proud of his business losses, then release your taxes. this seems very simple to me. >> okay. i have to leave it there. sarah, sally, thanks to both of you. still to come on the "newsroom," hurricane matthew is a monstrous storm now. it's hitting haiti. by the end of this week it could be heading to florida. your insurance company
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all right. i want to take you briefly to the state of florida now because the governor there, rick scott, is expected to hold a news conference at any moment now. he's going to talk about the hurricane that's now bearing down on haiti. that hurricane could cross over eastern cuba later today and then, of course, it could hit florida, but we don't know quite yet. this is a very serious storm. it now has sustained winds of
6:43 am
145 mile per hour. it's the worst storm to hit haiti in 52 years. so far it's killed three people there. now cruise ships are changing course and two u.s. governors are declaring states of emergency after the latest forecast showed that shifting closer to the u.s. coast by the end of this week. this is what category 4 matthew looked like from the international space station yesterday. ominous, right? meteorologist chad myers is keeping an eye on things this morning. good morning, chad. >> good morning, carol. this 145 mile per hour storm slammed into the southwestern peninsula of haiti. i suspect it's lost significant intensity for now. hurricane hunters are flying into it. our advisory will be close to 120 to 130 coming up here at 11:00. what do we have here? this is what haiti experienced earlier today. gusts of 175 miles per hour. moving to the north at 9:00, moving away but making landfall at 7:00 in the morning as a
6:44 am
category 4 hurricane with higher gusts. the change from yesterday is that the storm has turned left. it's what we expected because the models in that 20 to 48 hour forecast, which is where they're the most accurate, was turning the model to the left, turning the storm to the left. then we have to wait for the turn back to the right. notice what's happening up there, what could possibly happen is a u.s. landfall as a significant storm. how significant? well, here it is making landfall here. this is how close a category 3 hurricane could be by friday morning or maybe let's say call it thursday midnight because that's 2:00 a.m. but a 120-mile-per-hour storm making an approach to the u.s. if it turns any farther to the left, the left side of the cone is all the way to orlando or tampa. if it turns right and away, then we get a big miss and big waves. carol, this is a storm to watch. this could be the first major landfall hurricane in a very long time in florida, the gulf coast or anywhere in the u.s. >> chad myers reporting for us.
6:45 am
thanks so much. still to come in the "newsroom," grab your backpack. tonight's political spotlight heads back to school. what do the vp hopefuls need to do to excite a student filled crowd. we're talking the youth vote 101 next. real milk vs. almond milk ingredient spelling bee
6:46 am
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. if you can hear, the anticipation building in farmville, virginia. the audience filled with students from that school, getting the chance to watch history made, in what many are
6:50 am
calling one of the most vicious elections in presidential history. when it companiy comes to somee struggle to call either candidate a role model is real. case in point, republican senator kelly ayotty of new hampshire. >> would you tell them to be like donald trump, he's a role model? >> i think certainly there are other role models we have. i believe he can serve as president so absolutely, i would do that. >> so kelly ayotte was in a debate and she's fighting to hold on to her senate seat. later in the night, she took that all back. she wrote in a statement, tonig tonight, i misspoke. while i would hope all of our children would aspire to be president, neither donald trump, nor hillary clinton, have set a good example. with me, the president of longwood university, welcome,
6:51 am
sir. he brought his fan club with him, i love that, i do. before we dive into the role model question, it's pretty amazing that you guys scored the vice presidential debate. >> it really is wonderful. you can feel the excitement all around on campus. we've been working at this for a year. there are about 100 places all around the country that put their name in the hat. and we made it to the finals. and then here we are. >> but students approached you and said, hey, mr. president, why can't we have a debate. >> i teach a course on the u.s. presidency each fall. it was two years ago we were talking about the debates and discussion turned to whether we might ever do it here. the idea in my mind. and two years later, big doings on campus. >> so students will fill the debate hall. you gave up the tickets so another student could sit in and watch history in the making. what do you hope they take away
6:52 am
from this debate? >> i really hope what they take away is 90 minutes of a real exchange of moments. some real substance. those have all been in a little bit short supply in the wild and crazy -- >> you heard senator kelly ayotte. she's debating her democratic rival and she says yes, donald trump is a role model, and then later, after social media reacted in kind of a vicious way, she said, i take it back, neither candidate is a role model. so what do you tell your students about role models and presidential candidates? >> yeah, so what students are really looking forward to is this is the first presidential election that they get to vote in. everybody dreams about the day they get to vote for president for the first time. 2016 is a hard year to see that dream fulfilled. but i really do think that on stage tonight there are two people who are experienced, thoughtful, articulate, public
6:53 am
servants. >> is there a sense these two vice presidential candidates actually should be the two people running for president? >> i don't know if i'd go that far but you can flip the ticket to some advantage. >> have you heard much support for either hillary clinton or donald trump on campus? >> millennials, i think this is somewhat specific to longwood but also generalizes across the country, very interested in public affairs, not necessarily as drawn to the parties in my experience, to partisan public affairs. >> so let me ask you this, after this election is over, will we see a real shift in how presidential candidates play politics in the public arena? will we see a shift away from these kinds of candidates and will a whole new generation take over? what's going to happen? >> this is the first election where millennials and gen-x form
6:54 am
the majority of the potential electorate. i do think 2016 is exceptional in all sorts of ways. i do expect when we get to the next cycle, which will come sooner than we think, that things might have a more normal rhythm to them. >> by normal, i don't even know what that means anymore. what does normal mean in our political arena? >> i think that what we're going to see tonight is a real example of what the future can hold. i really think -- >> even though these are two longtime politicians and america seemingly wants a change from the old, throw out the old, usher in the new? >> i think what was right below the surface and what there's a real appetite for is that substance. what's become hard is to convey it. i think the country is still relearning some of the habits of the art of discourse in the social media age. and i think that any new medium changes the dynamics.
6:55 am
tv did it. radio did it. i think we'll be acclimating to social media soon enough. >> i have your predictions, i'm writing them down. thank you, mr. president, for stopping by, we appreciate it. thanks for your hospitality. still to come in the "newsroom," mr. trump makes controversial comments about our troops and ptsd and vice president joe biden strikes back. more of cnn's exclusive interview with joe biden next. well, it was nice to see everyone.
6:56 am
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and good morning, i'm carol costello. we're live here in farmville, virginia, where vice presidential candidates mike pence and tim kaine face off tonight for their first and only debate. thank you so much for joining me. they stand in the shadow of their presidential running mates but tonight senator cain and governor pence have the spotlight to themselves. neither man is likely to win many votes tonight but they can certainly lose them and neither ticket can afford that in a race this close. new polling shows hillary clinton has seized the lead, now ahead of donald trump five points. and donald trump has lost ground. any signs of momentum loom large with the election now just 35 days away. trump trying to defuse a potential land mine, the report that he may have legally avoided paying federal income


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